an online comic about high school and other forces of evil
by faith erin hicks
regularly updated from 1999-2004. Complete for your reading pleasure.
Demonology 101 is the very first comic I ever drew, and how I taught myself to draw. Although I had an interest in art and comics, I didn't really draw before I started D101. I was more interested in writing. Now I'm a professional comic book artist (working on what will be my 5th graphic novel as I write this), making my living from drawing comics. Drawing D101 made me fall in love with creating comics, and even though it is old and the artwork makes me cringe, I want to keep it online for posterity. If you enjoy Demonology 101 (and seeing my development into a much more cohesive artist over D101's five episodes) please check out my website, which contains lots of (current, much better) artwork, other free online comics and information about my published work.

READ THE COMIC // Currently in archive, D101 is an online comic about high school, family, friends, unstoppable forces of evil and one exploding watermelon.
BLOG // In which the artist (me!) lets you know about her other projects, and posts other comic related stuff.
CHARACTERS // A bio page for the various characters of the D101 world. There may be spoilers for the comic, so tread with caution.
MISC // Like it says, miscellaneous. Reviews, a defunct fanart section and ramblings by yours truly.
LINKS // Links to other comics you may enjoy after reading D101. They tend to be story-based and a little off the beaten path.
LINK ME // Banners for linking D101, if the fancy strikes.
FAQ //sOr, Frequently Asked Questions about the comic.
EMAIL ME // Email rules! But if you're looking for a quick reply, try posting on the comic blog instead. I'm slow with email.

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All artwork is © Faith Erin Hicks. Do not steal/trace/ repost without permission. If you steal
(and tracing is stealing), you will have your nose pecked off by a duck.