Physical: blue/grey eyes, brown/blond hair. Age: 36, ht: 6'2, Wt: 190lbs, Distinguishing marks: scar under left eye.

Affiliations/Past: Gabe, as was revealed in Episode 1, is the eldest son of the Jenner family (a small nuclear family which sold itself to The Powers That Be in exchange for great wealth and power. Supposedly this happened the night Christ died), but he fled the Jenners while in his mid-teens, probably because he realized he'd never be able to come to terms with what his family actually was. Gabe was the first Jenner son to ever leave the family. The daughters "always leave" (Episode 5). A few years later, he showed up at the door of Network, a small organization devoted to combatting the Jenner family... but never revealed his connection to the Jenners. He spent a good ten years or so with Network (his official job was researcher, seeking out the truth behind demonic activity, an occupation the bookish Gabe proved quite good at), during which he adopted Raven, and proved himself a generally decent person. Two years ago (from the 'now' the comic is set in) he vanished for a period of about three weeks, which very much frightened Raven and concerned his employers. Then he just as suddenly returned to Network, collected Raven, and vanished with her. Network was astonished, but had little time left: a few days after Gabe fled the organization it was destroyed.
Raven and Gabe now live in Town, in an ordinary suburban house. Gabe does some sort of work at a local museum, which is apparently as haunted as he is.

Personality: He's perhaps a little hypersensitive to personal matters, probably owing to the fact that his family is considered one of the most vile bloodlines in all of creation. He deals with this pretty well, but has a bad habit of lying to friends and family to "protect" them from truths he'd rather not admit. He can be blunt and uncompromising, especially when dealing with people who do not impress him, but does not like to be on the bad side of a person, and will often reach out to them if he feels he's being unfairly disliked. I'd imagine his aloofness would often be taken for snobbery by those who don't know him well.

Faith's notes: I find Gabe really interesting, and even though he's a character who doesn't get as much attention as Raven or Mackenzie, I think the comic would be sorely lacking without him. I'd love to do an entirely separate comic about his past with the Jenners, and at what point he came to realize that his family was really, really evil. Alas, that's probably never to be.

Most asked question about him: "Where'd the scar come from?"
A childhood accident. One of the Jenner homes was on a farm (they had quite a few, being filthy rich), and he fell out of a tree. I find that when a comic book character has a scar, it's usually as a result of some horrific occurrence in their life, and is usually inflicted by some enemy that pops up later in the comic. This is a scar of little consequence.