Isaac Jenner

Physical: black hair, blue eyes. Age: mid-twenties. Ht: 6' Wt: 170lbs. No distinguishing marks.

Past/Affiliations: Isaac is the youngest member of the infamous Jenner family. He was never intended to be in control of the Jenner's vast wealth, as the responsibility usually passes to the eldest son. However, as Gabe pretty much refuses to have anything to do with the family, Isaac had to step in ... which probably wasn't the best for either the family or its fortunes. In fact, by the end of Episode 2, Isaac had managed to end a two-thousand year old partnership, through (perhaps intentional) mis-management and overt ruthlessness. Demonkind prefers a subtle approach in dealing with humanity, and Isaac is anything but subtle. His near-suicidal attack on Network (both sides were pretty much wiped out) prompted much disgruntlement in the higher ranks of demonkind. Lethe, a Monarch demon with many supporters, was particularly vocal in his stance that "something has to be done about that damn kid."
Isaac has a huge grudge against his brother, blaming him for the suicide of their father. Supposedly Gabe also attempted to drown Isaac when he left the Jenners for the last time...probably suspecting that his brother, who had no moral qualms, would cause bloodshed later in his life.

Personality: Isaac's still very much a child in some respects, having grown up with everything handed to him on a platter, spoiled by both his parents and the demonic network that stood behind the Jenners. He sought after the position of head of the family after his father's suicide (Gabriel was supposed to take the job), but his ruthlesness and immaturity soon gained him many enemies within demonkind. He holds grudges and will do anything to give back the pain he feels others have inflicted upon him.

Faith's notes: another character I just kind of lucked out with. Originally a standard 'angsty villain', he evolved into someone who isn't necessarily deep, but certainly makes you feel for him. Plus he's kind of hot, in an evil, bratty kind of way. I'm of the opinion that Isaac takes after his mother quite a bit (that is, slightly insane, charismatic, and quite pretty), while Gabe takes after their father.

Most asked question about him: "Him and Elspeth? Ew."
Yes, quite. The dynamics of Elspeth and Isaac's relationship (or, who was playing who) isn't exactly known, but it is assured they did have a fling, though it probably didn't go beyound the physical. Isaac has yet to discover true love.