Physical: brown hair, grey eyes. Age: 29, ht: 6 ft., Wt: 160lbs. Distinguishing marks: scars on wrists.

Past/Affiliations: John's youth was difficult. He had a rough home life (a teenaged mother who abandoned him to the foster care system), trouble with the law, and eventually he fell into the same crowd as Isaac Jenner. Then Network approached him, offering a great deal of money if he'd befriend Isaac, then funnel information about the Jenners to Network. He agreed (hey, it was money), and became quite invaluable to Network. During this time, he and Poe became... rather involved. It didn't last long, and she's quite over it, but I suspect he's not. After the death of Gabe and Isaac's father, John's past grows a little murky. It was only a few weeks after William Jenner's death that Network was obliterated in a very calculating, knowing manner (it seems as though Isaac Jenner recieved interior help in order to destroy the organization), and both John and Poe were nowhere to be found the night over a hundred employees were killed when Isaac burned the Network building. It's generally thought John knew something of the attack, and perhaps arranged for Poe and him to be spared, although we don't really know if Poe had any knowledge of this arrangement.

Personality: He's fairly brisk and speaks with the clipped (no 'g's) speech of those not overly educated), but has an intricate view of the world that can only be acquired after years of experiencing its pains. For someone who has experienced torture, betryal and being dumped by Poe, he's fairly easy-going and has become a bit of a big brother to Raven. However, he harbors a strong dislike of Gabe. He also has a pretty big mouth, and doesn't exactly know when to shut up.

Faith's Notes: I love writing John's scenes, and he quickly became one of my favourite characters. He's just so much fun, and as the episodes have progressed, he's grown from the standard tough guy character to a well-rounded person of real depth. I've enjoyed watching him develop. Plus he's really hot, and gets beaten up a lot, which seems to increase his hotness. Ah, I am so strange.

Most asked question about him: "Did he and Poe... y'know..?"
They dated. I don't think they slept together. There seems to be some sort of huge issue there. He still has a massive crush on her, despite her obvious preference for Gabe.