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Ramblings by Me:
What's it like to do a free comic for the last five years? I wax nostalgic on the issue, and ramble about what is to come for D101.
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Occasionally (but not to often), D101 gets a review. Here are a couple:
Review by Sequential Tart.
Review by the Official Time-Waster's Guide.
Review by Webcomics World
Review by Comixpedia
If you know of a D101 review (and by that, I mean an actual review, not some idiot on a BBS jabbering on about their opinion), please
tell me about it.
Not Reviews: D101's listing at
Everything2 and Wikipedia.

Occasionally (but not to often), people want to hear me chatter on about stuff.
Interview by Comixpedia
Interview by Sequential Tart.
Interview by DeviantMAG.
Group interview, again by DeviantMAG.

Other Stuff:
Old Fanart Section: once upon a time I had free time. And a lot more room for hosting. Then, I was able to keep up with the D101 fanart given to me. Alas, those days are over. If you wish to give me fanart, you are welcome to post it in the forum. For now, though, the fanart section is in permanent limbo, but you may still view it, cobwebs and all.

Old Forum: now in archive, this was a nice place to hang out at when the comic was ongoing. Now, if you wish to discuss the comic (or Ice or any other comics by me) you can talk about it on the update site. I'm more likely to answer any questions there, as opposed to email.

Demonology 101 Fanlisting (created by Meiran). Show your devotion to the comic by adding your name to a list! C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it.

So What Demonology 101 Character Are You?
An online quiz, which you can paste into your blog/livejournal. Haven't you always wanted to know whether you're most like Raven or Mackenzie? Sure you have!

Hm, that's all I have for the moment. Hope you had fun.