Mackenzie & Malcolm

Mackenzie: brown hair, green eyes. Age: 16, ht: 5'2, Wt: 125 lbs. No distinguishing marks.
Malcolm (Mal): blond hair, blue eyes. Age: 17, ht: 5'7. Wt: 140 lbs. No distinguishing marks.

Past/Affiliations: They're the outsiders, obviously, dragged into the Network/Demonic/Adult battle because of their friendship with Raven. They've both lived in Town for most of their lives, and have known each other since kindergarten. They've had perfectly ordinary lives up until now, and although they're occasionally bothered by the magnitude of the battle they're involved in, but also excited by it. Recently though, I think Mackenzie has been struggling with some family issues, and wishes very hard she could just grow up and be left alone. It bothers her that her best friend is a demon, so much that she has questioned Raven in some situations, but would never go so far as to abandon her friend. Mal is a little more open-minded on the subject of Raven's parentage, and his crush on her has been growing.

Personalities: Well, I think it's fairly obvious Mackenzie is the more mischievous of the two... Mal's supposed to be her straight man, but he's a little too smart to play it as well as she'd like. Occasionally, he doesn't exactly approve of her practical jokes, but he sticks by her, no matter what. He's also recently developed a bit of a crush on Raven. He's just a nice guy.
Mackenzie I find more interesting, as she reminds me a bit of hyper-outgoing people I know, who, if you don't know them, assume that their out-going-ness is all that there is to them. Mackenzie's a lot deeper than just that though, and I think her friendship with Raven is a good example.

Faith's Notes: Made up on the spur of the moment, Mac and Mal were accidents... They add a dimension of realness to the comic that keeps it from degenerating into a campy 'end of the world' style hackwork... They're the bridge from the Adult's world to the teenage world. They're great, and I want to give them lots more to do in the next episode.

Most asked question about them: "What's Mal's real name?"
Something very stuffy, I'd imagine. He doesn't like his name at all ... and neither did I, when I was younger. 'Mal', however, is a bastardization of his middle name, Malcolm. I've recently discovered his first name tho, and it's pretty funny. Maybe I'll tell you, someday. *evil grin*

Fun fact: Mackenzie's Episode 2 design was based on this picture of me. :)