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 Here we have links to online comics. All are very free, which makes me really damn happy. My own link banners are here. I divided up my links section because ... well, I wanted to. While I do not take link exchanges, you are welcome to email me and tell me of a comic (maybe yours) that you enjoy. No guarantees about linking. tho.
NOTE: since D101 has gone into archive, so has this link list.

Other comics by me:
   ICE (alternating sunday): Ice is now FREE! Yes, you no longer need a subsciption to view the comic, so if you've been putting off reading it, well, you don't have to anymore. Ice is a dark tale of love and survival in a futuristic, torn down England, and a conspiracy seems to be afoot.
   Zombies Calling: ZC, which originally started out as a broad mocking of horror movie cliches, somehow managed to develop a plotline (about, of all things, how the university system is screwed up) and will be published in deadtree format by SLG Publishing this November. I consider it a spiritual successor to D101, so if you enjoyed that, please pick up a copy of Zombies Calling this fall. It'll be really cheap, too.

Recommended comics.
Usually ones that I had trouble putting down and look forward to their updates.
I'd just like to point out that I am insanely picky about what I read.
 Cascadia Cascadia (monthly): in the all-male (just kidding!) full colour country of Cascadia, a mage, a gorgeous knight and a bandit in need of a serious attitude adjustment set out to discover the true meaning of life ... er, save the world. And look hella stylish while doing it.
 Desert Rocks, by JJ Naas Desert Rocks (temp hiatus): the lyrical and gentle story of a mysterious drifter and two women who cross his path. Despite the lack of a solid plot and villains, this is an enchanting comic with beautiful artwork. One of the great 'unknowns' of the online comic world ... which is sad, 'cause it's brilliant. 
  Empty Words: (irregular) one of those situational/character-based comics that seem so easy to do, but trust me, they ain't. This one has a beautiful, simple style and moody flavour.
  A Miracle of Science (mon/thurs): there's nothing more inspiring than science fiction with a wicked sense of humor and a dash of noir to boot. MOS is underrated online comicking at its best. Go say hi.
  No Rest for the Wicked: (wednesdays) a brilliantly twisted re-telling of some of our favourite fairy tales. Lovely character designs and dialog ... and now it's updating weekly. Hurrah!
 Sea of Insanity ... hullo Finn! Sea of Insanity (Currently on hiatus; creator in Japan): it took me a while to get into SoI, mostly because I'm not fond of online comic strips (would much rather read a story), but once I got past the beginning punchlines, there's a surprisingly twisted mythology behind this comic: a bizarre tale of Greek gods, intelligent nymphs and a psychologist who turns into a fish. Plus lots of hot manflesh. Yes, I'm shameless.


Other great comics, worthy of your enjoyment. I mentioned before that I'm picky. My picky-ness does not reflect on the quality of the comic, but rather on the fact that I'm really picky. Picky!
 Eat the Roses, by Meghan Eat the Roses: a bunch of crazy spies bicker, fall in love and save the world. The art is spotty at times, but the story is cute, and the writing fun. A nice diversion.
  Eidolic Fringe: (currently on hiatus) an ordinary student is transported into another world... or is he? I hope this doesn't end on an 'it was all a dream' note because ... well ... I like the big ships and I'd hate to find out they weren't real. Beautiful art and camera work, as well as some great characters.
 Flipside, by Brion Flipside (MWF): the absolutely huge and epic story of three women (that is, two women and an extra personality), who manage to get mixed up in someone else's marital strife. What would you do if your ex-wife was an arse-kicking sorceress and wanted your head on a platter? Run like hell, of course. Or hire Bernadette to save your sorry hide.
  Gods & Undergrads: a seemingly normal 'slice o' life' comic about a very un-tanned college freshman... but then that thing with the bleeding hands happened. There goes the other shoe.
  Megatokyo: Originally, I put MT in the 'extremely popular, no need for linkage' pile ... but then it singlehandedly made D101 popular, so I figured, ehy, share the love. Anyway, MT is practically an internet institution, which pleases me somewhat: it's nice to see a comic with a story become so well known.
 My like. Yay for plot! Saturnalia (W/Sun): a new find for me, and a very rare one, as I took to this comic quite quickly. I'm fond of bastard-ish characters and mysterious plots (suicidal androids!), and this comic has it in spades. Plus some surprisingly spunky artwork.
  Schism: Think William Gibson. If he wrote a boy/boy comic. ... although, actually, not much has happened in that department. Yet. Fingers crossed! (er, that it will happen, that is)
  Sould: I draw a comic about Evil and Teenagers. This seems to be the beginning of a comic about Evil and Bernadette Haggis. I highly approve. ... especially of anyone named 'Haggis.' heh.
  The 10k Commotion (weekly): normally I don't recommend a comic that's just starting out, but I love the artist's work so damn much, I'm making an exception. So far it seems to be the story of a bunch of mallrats and their DDR obsession.
 Beer! Van Von Hunter (weekly): you've got a muscle bound hero guy (don't worry, he's smarter than he looks), his perky sidekick (also smarter than she looks), an inept villain who keeps offing his allies and it's all just so bleeding funny I think I hurt myself laughing.
  Waiting: originally the author of this comic was working on one called 'Cold', which I really liked. Unfortunately, she quit Cold, and this is her current project. It's about a boy, and his family from hell. Okay, I'm bad at summarizing.

Completed comics
The Commuter, by Paul The Commuter: a great little university newspaper comic. Bouncy, animation-y artwork and some real belly laughs from the punchlines. Completed
 Eisu's Comics Eisu's Comics (completed & in stasis): Gomen Nasi is the popular one, a completed high school comic about an unlikely romance, but my favorite is the violent and trippy Demon Hunter. Completed
  Exile from Kiirs: seemingly standard fantasy fare (a silent wild child is hunted by religious zealots) elevated by beautiful artwork and some smashing monster designs. I can't really put my finger on why this comic is so enjoyable; it just is. Pity about that thudding ending. Completed
 No Headroom, by Mark Sachs. Best. Short. Comic. Ever. No Headroom: by the artist of A Miracle of Science (see top), this is the short tale of Peter Helmsman, loser of the future. A very funny mocking of sci-fi cliches. Completed
 Ponju!!  ... No, I've no idea how to pronounce it either... Ponju (exception): a website hub with a handful of comics (cops, flying pigs and dragons), and a growing community. Home of the Kickass Webcomic Exchange. 
Sundowner, by Kellilla Sundowner: the amusing and very appealing Sundowner, about a handful of inept space pirates. There are several completed issues up, and apparently another issue on the way. A great, well written and very enjoyable comic. A bunch of completed episodes.

Links to people who've helped out the comic (hosting, etc).
Rydia: decent hosting for a decent price. Yay! Razorstudio: ooh, shiny! ;)

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