Physical: light blond hair, blue eyes. Age: 28. Ht: 5'7. Wt: 130 lbs. No distinguishing marks. Wears glasses.

Past/Affiliations: Poe is a Network brat. Her father was one of the controlling heads of the organization, and she was raised in the environment (a quick side trip to university non-withstanding. I think she majored in History). She'd always wanted to be a Network agent, righting wrongs and fighting the good fight... and she would've probably been one of their best, had the organization not been abruptly terminated. She'd always had a bit of a thing for Gabe, despite their age difference. She and John had a rather intense relationship for a while when he was a double agent with the Jenners. Part of the reason they broke up was Poe's constant declaration that the Jenners were pure evil, not human in the least. John, who had seen both the good and bad sides to the family, disagreed. After the relationship ended, she and John remained close, as friends, although he still carries a torch for her.

Personality: Poe's quite brainy, and extremely good in a fight, although she often lets her emotions get the better of her. She was much more cheerful in her home environment (that is, Network), and losing the company, along with all her friends and family, was an extremely devastating blow. She's become a little more melancholy as a result, and often worries about John (mostly because he's her last remaining tie to the organization she used to base her life on; not, as he hopes, because she still feels something for him), and others she cares for.

Faith's Notes: It's no secret I am not fond of Poe, but I've come to sympathize more with her over the years. She has the capacity to be a real bitch, and that has earned her many detractors, but she's become increasingly more self-aware as the comic has progressed, and I see her fighting to change her nastier personality traits, which is always admirable.

Most asked question about her: "That sword..."
It was a Network relic, never used by the organization (which disdained from involving itself in the spiritual side of the Jenner war), taken by Poe after Network was destroyed. It seems to be the only earthly object capable of completely destroying a demon. No one knows where it came from or what exactly it is.