Physical: black hair, red-ish eyes. Age: 16. Ht: 5'1. Wt: 99 lbs. Distinguishing marks: pointed 'demon' ears.

Past/Affiliations: despite being shuffled away from society for a good number of childhood years, Raven's youth was fairly ordinary. Until she and Gabe fled from Network (well, he was fleeing; she was just along for the ride), she hadn't had much contact with the Outside World. She spent much of her time doing schoolwork, probably because there were few people her own age at Network, and those that were younger were forbidden to befriend her. I think she had some knowledge of her 'special' status at Network, and as she grew older and more aware, it began to frighten her. The powers that ran Network seemed to see her not as a person, but as an experiment. She was relieved when Gabe asked her to leave the organization with him.

Personality: perhaps a little shy when in new situations, Raven is nevertheless a very nice, and very loyal person. She's also fairly typical, in that despite her otherworldly heritage, she suffers the same fears and frustrations of the average adolescent. She's quite bright, and does well at school without trying too hard. I think in light of the recent events, and her introduction to Elspeth, she's come to understand that maybe her demonic nature can't be avoided forever, and perhaps she should investigate that part of her... no matter how much that frightens her.

Faith's notes: On many levels I've tried to keep the demons of the comic as exaggerated as possible. The whole free will/what are demons issue has been debated a lot in the forum, and honestly, I can't add that much to it. As a character, I really love Raven. She's sweet, un-jaded and posesses maturity I wish I had in high school. I haven't seen many (if any) heroines like her in comics, which is a pity.

Most asked question about her: "What happened to her mother?"
Episode 4 explains most of that, and Episode 5 expands on it. Happy reading!