Physical: grey hair, grey eyes. Ht: 5'11. Wt: ? Age: Unknown. No distinguishing marks.

Past/Affiliations: Sachs is the Jenner family's touchstone. He's been "employed" by them for a good six generations. He's also got the knack for being stabbed, shot, etc, yet still manages to turn up alive.

Personality: well, he's seen a few hundred years of mankind's brutality, and been a participant in quite a few atrocities himself. So he's a wee bit jaded. He's not quite as amoral as Isaac, but he's practically a Jenner, and was very close to Isaac and Gabe's father. He'll do anything for the family, from assassination to running a high school, and won't let occasional moral qualms hinder him. At one point he was probably a good man, but he owes the Jenners a great debt, and probably considers his soul theirs for the taking.
I think he's actually pretty close to Isaac, and probably had a hand in raising him, but Isaac would rather die than treat him as anything more than an employee.

Faith's Notes: I have to say that he's really grown on me. Originally, I created him because I needed a nemesis for Raven, Mal and Mac at the high school, and I didn't like the idea of a teenage enemy (for one thing, it was too close to Buffy). However, I've grown more interested in him as the comic has evolved, and I've tried to give him more to do (he'll never be a primary character, but he has the nifty ability to pop up in the comic at any given time). He also softened up a lot in the comic towards the end. Don't ask me how that happened. I just live here.

Most asked question about him: "Why does he work at the high school?"
Because Isaac told him to. Isaac's pretty fascinated by Raven, and manipulated her into saving his life in Episode 2... but I don't think Sachs actually knew he was at the school to keep an eye on Raven. Isaac sometimes keeps him out on the loop, as Sachs seems to have a cooler head... and thus probably wouldn't go through with some of Isaac's bombastic plans.
Personally though, I think he likes the school, and actually does a good job of running it. It beats being Isaac's babysitter. He's also developed a grudging respect for Raven and her chums: it impresses him how well they've struggled through Isaac and Lethe's plots.